Pepper Plus is a patented pepper spray formulated to support optimum defense efficiency. Our Dispense-Right Technology calibrates dispense rates and spray ranges to maintain maximum potency throughout the spray zone. Our product line offers an array of products, distributed to law enforcement, tactical, postal, public safety, campus safety, running, biking and outdoor enthusiasts and retailers. Pepper Plus is your one stop shop for all your self-defense needs.

Pepper Plus comes in an aerosol form and its 4-in-1 Formula targets the mucous membranes of the ocular and respiratory membranes. Contact with mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, throat and lungs causes instant capillary dilation resulting in tearing if not temporary blindness and breathing restrictions. Additionally, distress occurs within the allergen and nervous response systems. Sprayed into an attacker's face, using our Dispense-Right Technology, Pepper Plus provides optimum home and self defense.